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We are looking for your help and initiative to co-design and grow the Citizen Science Global partnership. As of March 7th, 2018, we are requesting expressions of interest from networks that would like to help co-design and eventually work with the Citizen Science Global Partnership.

Request for Expressions of Interest

As a network-of-networks, the Citizen Science Global Partnership seeks to identify different types of established and emerging networks of organizations that are committed to supporting and advancing citizen science. A primary goal of the Global Partnership is to help ensure that these networks can find, connect, and remain connected to one another. These networks may include, but are not limited to:

•  Established and emerging citizen science associations, which are often networks of citizen science researchers and practicioners.

•  Established and emerging networks that seek to connect researchers and practicioners working in “sister communities,” including participatory monitoring and management, open hardware; environmental justice; and, others.

•  Established and emerging networks of stakeholders conducting or supporting work relevant to citizen science, ranging from networks such as data platforms, repositories, and infrastructure;to associations supporting scientific research in disciplines like ecology; to networks supporing formal and informal learning; and, others.


Submit your Network or Project to Become a Part of the Team!

The call for network participation is open to individuals who participate in any existing and emerging network committed to supporting and advancing citizen science, or working with the global citizen science community.