The Citizen Science Global Partnership (CSGP) is a unique partnership of the world's leading regional and national Citizen Science Associations that generates new Citizen Science initiatives at a local and global scale and supports North-South collaborations.
  • CSGP builds on the experience of existing Citizen Science Associations and generates new knowledge by complementing traditional ways of scientific data collection and analysis.
  • CSGP connects and leverages the know-how developed over the last thirty years by communities of expert Citizen Science practitioners across the world.
  • CSGP nurtures and expands the network of Citizen Scientists across continents, supporting the exchange of resources and methodologies between the global north and south.
  • CSGP coordinates strategic initiatives and targeted actions with UN Agencies, NGOs, and all organisations promoting local and global engagement for sustainable development.
  • CSGP created a global network of Citizen Science Associations and partners.
  • CSGP coordinated the Global Mosquito Alert Consortium (2017), demonstrating how Citizen Science projects can join forces and share knowledge, technology and data to drive innovation and change.
  • CSGP contributed to the implementation of the UNESCO Open Science Recommendations, placing Citizen Science at the heart of strategies for achieving more equitable access to - and engagement with - science.
  • CSGP launched the UNICEF project on ‘learning to earning’ using Citizen Science to tackle environmental challenges at the community level, with participation of Cit Sci Africa Association.

CSGP was established as a non-profit association in Austria in October 2022 by several major citizen science associations: CitSci Africa, CitSci Asia, RICAP, CSA, ACSA and ECSA.
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CSGP is currently involved in different ways on several initiatives, including Citizen Science for the SDGs, Air-quality monitoring, the Global Mosquito Alert consortium, and more.
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As a network-of-networks, CSGP seeks to identify different types of established and emerging networks of organizations that are committed to supporting and advancing citizen science.
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